How To Install Blogger Template

How To Install Blogger Template

Follow this simple guide to install your Favourite Blogger Template:

1. Click on the Download button and save file to PC (.xml format).

2. Log in Blogger dashboard.

3. Go to Template section → Backup/Restore.

4. Click on Download Full Template to Backup your previous template.

5. Open .xml file using text editor like notepad, wordpad, notpad++ or something like that.

6. In the text editor, press ctrl+a and then ctrl+c (ctrl+a to select all coding, ctrl+c to copy the selected coding)

7. Now open HTML Editor on blogger dashboard and click “Edit HTML” button.

8. Click anywhere in HTML Editor. Now press ctrl+a and then ctrl+v (ctrl+a to select all coding, ctrl+v to replace selected coding with copied template coding). Finally click “Save theme” button.

Congratulation, you’re done.